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Stimulate | A Serum

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Accelerate | Vitamin A Serum

Crafted with the magic of nature, AWAKKULE boasts a potent blend of 1% Retinol Palmitate, a celestial source of Vitamin A. With this, AWAKKULE aids in pure skin acceleration, stimulation and regeneration, reducing the appearance of wrinkles fine lines and blemish scars by increasing cell turnover, naturally but powerfully.

ALL SKINS TYPES- Benefits someone who is looking for a highly active serum.
Great for pigmented, acne skin, ageing and dull skin types.
Avoid is skin is compromised (sunburnt or broken)

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JOJOBA OIL (the Harmoniser)
Mimics the skin's natural oils, restoring balance and preventing excess sebum production. Bid farewell to oily rebellion or parched desperation – equilibrium is restored.
SEABUCKTHORN OIL (the Revitaliser)
Infuse your skin with the hydrating enchantment of Seabuckthorn Oil. Its rich composition of omega fatty acids ensures a surge of moisture, transforming dryness into a supple, velvety canvas.
1% RETINYL PALMITATE (the Sorceress)
Each drop whispers promises of renewed radiance and a bewitching beauty that transcends the ordinary, an ingredient not to be messed with, she will do kick start your skin goals


Vitamin A Serum - Wild Witchery Apothecary
Stimulate | A Serum Sale price$45.00