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Article: New Moon Wanting

New Moon Wanting - Wild Witchery Apothecary
Witch Tips

New Moon Wanting

As the New Moon approaches, I am reminded of the fact that New Moons are meant for new beginnings.
Magically speaking, when we move from the New moon to the Full moon, it is time for favourable magic and actions. When you move from the Full moon to the New moon, you work on banishment and habit breaking.
For me, a lot of the time, the New Moon is the end of being mentally distracted. I can have two weeks of productivity leading up to the Full moon, but as soon as it passes, I'm at the bottom of the hill, going nowhere.
I'm aware of this and try and prepare for it as best as I can. I let all the imaginations and distractions run riot in my head. I watch a lot of films, listen to new music, try and get the engine running so to speak. But a lot of the time, that car isn't starting.
But come the New Moon, I work on the favourable aspects of what I've achieved in those past weeks. I take the films I've watched and I work on my writing; I have brand new playlists for cleansing; and I have allowed my body the rest it needed.
Plans are made. Lists are compiled. Motivation is ripe.
Knowing your own personal cycles helps when it comes to practice, because your energy fuels your practice.
When you are mentally exhausted, you can't feed your emotional energy. You are too tired to emote, empathise or give to anything else.
And when your emotional energy is low, you cannot give to your spiritual practice. You cannot bring up the energy that you need to properly devote or cast.
As such, you may feel physically drained by not fulfilling your spiritual needs. This may accumulate in guilt and feeling inadequate, this may lead to unhealthy eating or sleeping habits.
That then leads back to feeling mentally exhausted. Your mind cannot function with lack of sleep or not drinking water for three days.
The only way through these things is knowing that your body works in cycles too. If you are exhausted in any of these four ways, take the time to recognise and energise as best you can.
As you move forward, the next stage will grow that energy more, and more, until you are yourself again.
So, pay attention to your body, mind, and spiritual needs, especially coming up to the new moon. 

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