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Article: Musical Manifiestation

Musical Manifiestation - Wild Witchery Apothecary

Musical Manifiestation

Music is an important aspect of my personal and spiritual life. I use it to cleanse myself, my home, my mind. And I listen to everything, call me Sister Mary Clarence, because I have eclectic tastes. And as such when it comes to manifestation, it plays a huge role.

Manifestation is a way to manifest specific moods, ideals, and goals into your life. But it can also be an introspective way to look at yourself and who you are personally.

I have such eclectic tastes that I could be listening to thrash metal one day, country, pop-punk the next. I always return to my favourites, but we use music to get into moods.

People have their workout playlists, to get them in the mood for exercise, get them hyped. And I admit that when I look for exercise videos on youtube I listen to the music rather than the exercises. Even if the exercises destroy me.
When you're going through a breakup or you're in a low mood, you have playlists that match. It may be counterintuitive to listen to sad music when you're sad, but it is about human connection. Human's like to connect to each other. And listening to artists who help you feel less alone does put you in a better mood.
Music can also help you remember things. There may be a song that you haven’t heard in literal decades that if you heard now, you’d still know all the lyrics to. Because music can make you remember how it made you feel. It could have good or bad memories, a marker of youth.
Music can uplift you by creating pockets in your life. From dance shimmies in your seat at work, lipsyncing in a traffic jam, to cleaning while belting out Celine Dion. Music takes you out of your world and into another.
And because manifestation relies so much on emotions, on giving and conceptualising goals, how can music not play a role in that?

Music Divination

Divination songs are just songs that appear on the radio at the moment that you ask for a sign. It can be a song you've never heard before that catches you at the right lyric, at the right tune or riff. It can be a song that you've not heard for ages that changes your mood. Or it could be a song that the car next to you is playing that you just barely recognise. 

And it doesn't have to come on immediately or on one station. Sometimes you find an Ipswich (where your switching to all the channels and it's just talk-show hosts). Or you find that three radio stations are playing songs from the 90s that you all know the lyrics to. 

Listen to your body, your mind, and heart when you hear the songs. Recognise what mood it puts you in, if it lightens you or reminds you of something terrible. 

Playlist to your month

So, at the start of the month you can create a playlist. Either one to envision for the month, or four songs for each weekend. Add it into your exercise playlist, your playlist for work/study, even your travelling playlist. It will be a random song that will enhance your week/month with your goal.
It can be as simple as a love song for a self-care moment. A 'TGIF' song for when you get off of work. It can be a song that reminds you of your loved ones. Or even a song that reminds you to do your taxes and receipts (it's tax season people). And especially if you are anticipating a solstice, such a Yule or Litha. Whatever it is, take a moment to create a playlist that is for you.

'Your Song' Soundtrack

I've made a soundtrack with a song that reminds me of each important person in my family. It's 'our' song. And most people already have this. They have a song that makes two people just turn to each other and start smiling, because they know. Songs that reminds you of a person. Songs that you can't listen to without being reminded of them.
Never mix these songs with your soundtrack or month songs. Those are personal manifestations, personal memories and self-healing, whereas these are fun. And it could take a long while to find 'your song' with someone, but when it comes up, it will be lightning.

Soundtrack to your life

This is a very introspective moment. If you could narrow your life down to 8 monumental songs. One song for each decade or phase in your life. What would that soundtrack look like?
It's not your favourite song, it's not the song you listened to most at that age. But the song, in all the songs of history of songs, that sum up how you look back at your life. Imagine you're in charge of the soundtrack to the movie of your life, and you have eight songs to do it in. Choose the songs from your past, and choose your songs for the future. Where you want to be. How you want it to end.
Imagine your funeral, and having this soundtrack represent your life. If there were no words said, if you wanted no speeches or lousy power points with photos. Choose 8 songs. Songs that reveal things to your family and friends. Things that they might have never known. Hopes that you had for your future. Moments you had only for yourself.
And find an Etsy creator that makes a poster, I've linked a few here, that showcase this soundtrack of your life. Make a playlist and go back and listen to the songs. Listen to the teenage song, the kid songs, the songs that represent whatever phase of your life. And dance with those past versions of yourself, dance with the future version of yourself.
Find the songs that represent your future and end, and manifest that feeling.
End in a love song.

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