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Awakening | Coffee Body Lotion

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Awakening Body Lotion

It's your chance to melt over IXCACAO, designed with an amazing cocktail of oils, Cocoa Butter and Coffee Oil harvested from Colombia, to keep your body nourished, hydrated and TONED! 

The power of IXCACAO lies with its ability to contribute to softer and smoother skin by improving skin elasticity. Due to its water and oil emulsion, it softens the skin with daily use preventing dehydration and water loss.

Our journey begins with coffee's pure delight, aroma invigorating, setting things right. Cacao's heart, nutty, chocolatey in sight, a mocha-like awakening, it's pure delight.
The voyage ends with vanilla's sweet embrace, woody tonka tones, a comforting grace. IXCACAO's journey, an experience to pursue, a sensory adventure, just for you!

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COFFEE OIL (the Awakener)
The infusion of coffee oil revitalises and invigorates, awakening your senses with every application.
COCOA BUTTER (the Pamperer)
The richness of cocoa butter provides a deep, lasting moisture that cocoons your skin in pure comfort.
SWEET ALMOND OIL (the Sweetheart)
Lightweight oil which is amazing at smoothing your skin whilst providing it with its essential fatty acid makeup of Omega 3!

Awakening Body Lotion - Dark Moody Photo Shoot - Coffee Cream - Ixcacao Body Butter
Awakening | Coffee Body Lotion Sale price$30.00