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Goddess Reveal Candle | Egypt

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Goddess Reveal Candle
Our Goddess Reveal Candles are a new and original concept from Wild Witchery Apothecary. Each candle will be infused with a different colour and energy from the Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, these Goddesses are an energy source that are evoked as a guide for you at the time that you need them.

Each candle has a different colour resonating with an associated Goddess. 
Once you purchase a candle from this collection, it will be sent to you randomly. 
When you start to burn the candle, the colour will reveal itself and in turn will show you the Goddess that was drawn to you at the time of purchase.
Work and understand the Goddess that has come through.

Cruelty Free | Made in Australia | Vegan Friendly

Goddess Reveal Candle | Egypt - Wild Witchery Apothecary
Goddess Reveal Candle | Egypt Sale price$25.00