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CLEANSING RITUAL - Wild Witchery Apothecary
Skin Care


We talk about face cleansers being an essential part of your skincare rituals but why exactly is it good for your skin? 

Skin is a living and breathing part of your body. It actual is your largest organ. So making sure you take care of it is essential as it will be a part of you until your last breath. 

The purpose of a cleanser is, well, to cleanse. Our skin secretes sebum (natural oil) and sweat which, in turn, removes wastage from our bodies. When you apply certain things like makeup, sunscreen and even moisturiser all of that builds up on the skin, even our skin cells can build up on skin if not looked after properly.

If impurities are not effectively removed then there is potential for our pores to get clogged leading into blemishes and blackheads, along with rough textured and dull skin. 

It's important to know what cleanser suits your specific needs.  In the future, we will be rolling out different types of cleansers for more specific skin types, but in a nutshell.

Oil Cleanser - work great for all skin types, and have been used as a first base cleanser for skins who use makeup and have oily skin. Oil attracts oil, so when you apply an oil cleanser on dry skin it will immediately be attracted to the oil breaking it down ready for the next cleanser. 

Cream/Milk Cleansers
- are great for dry, sensitive and mature skin types. These kinds of cleansers have more 'cream' in them so they will moisturise your skin whilst removing impurities. 

Gel Cleansers - are amazing for dehydrated skin types. This is not uncommon especially in the Australian climate where the weather tends to be pretty warm. The heat of the sun naturally evaporates water, so this does affect our skins as well. The majority of people will find they have dehydrated skin, from dry to oily skin types, which is why we have MOKOSH as our main squeeze for skin. 

Foam Cleansers - are great for oily and combination skin types. Foam tends to be a favourite for oily skins due to the deep cleanse it provides, however you can get the same benefits from a Gel Cleanser as well. 

Active Cleansers - are great for skins who have main concerns and each will be different depending on what your skin needs. For example, an active cleanser with salicylic acid can be a great cleanser for acne type of skins who need a deep pore clean. Also a cleanser with Lactic Acid will be great for a person with dry and/or mature skin, as it's a very gentle exfoliant but also extremely hydrating. It's important to note that active cleansers can come in any form whether cream, milk, gel or foam. 

Cleansers can be used once or twice a day, depending on how your skin reacts to it. Every skin is different and you will need to know what your skin is like. For example, in winter time, my skin remains normal/dry and I can skip my morning cleansing ritual and just use a gentle toner to wipe my skin but in hot weather I will need to cleanse both morning and night. If you use heavy makeup, a double cleanse may be required, using an oil cleanser to break down makeup and products like primers, sunscreens and or setting sprays then using your appropriate cleanser to further remove those impurities for a purely clean skin base. 

How to use
Cleansers work by breaking down whatever is clinging to the top layers of the skin. We always recommend following the instructions on the label for best results. 

Gently dampen face with warm water. Warm water opens the pores allowing best cleansing to happen. With desired cleanser gently massage your skin focusing on areas of concern. Finish by cleansing with warm water again and then go over skin with desired toner. 

MOKOSH is our go to cleanser as its gentle, hydrating and effective when it comes to cleansing without removing the natural balance of the skin. It has Wheat & Alfalfa Grass, along with oils of Parsley Seed, Petitgrain and Lemon Tea Tree for a luxurious skin cleanse experience filled with amazing natural superfoods. 

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