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Article: First of the Month

First of the Month - Wild Witchery Apothecary
Witch Tips

First of the Month

If you are active on any spiritual or wiktok blog/tiktok, you know the importance of the First of the Month rituals. These are the days that you cleanse your home, work, or self for a great step into the month, and do the 'cinnamon blow'.
This is not an uncommon theme, New Years Day being the most known for resolutions or goal setting. It seems everyone seems to have an affinity to start over again, to have a second chance, to reinvent. It becomes the midnight of the past and future, where you step out of the dark, into the light.
Over the past few years, the pressure of 'The First' has intensified, which also leads to guilt of missing out on it. But what is practical to know is that these days are only powerful if we give them power. You can choose your day. You can select from moon phases, your favourite number, an event, or just a day that you have time.
You also don't have to do everything in one day. If you're busy, with limited time, splitting your days up would be more practical in the long run. This way you also can spend focused time on what you're doing, instead of forcing it all into 24 hours.

Cleaning Days

Cleaning and cleansing are the same thing. You need to have a clean home to be able to cleanse all the dark shadows of corners. Going through your home, room by room, and cleaning it out, gives the feeling of a new slate.
And you don't have to do anything other than cleaning. If you have charity clothes you can put them aside and leave them for Errand day. If you find a bunch of receipts, you put them in a box for admin day. Clean your fridge before rubbish day and make a list to buy them when it's grocery day.
Feeling the atmosphere and where you want this next month to lead you, compels you to a great new start. So, having products you love to use is best for these days. Be it scented cleaners, or disinfectants, candles to match your new mood or new house slippers. Reward yourself for the day and when you're done, order your favourite food as a reward for getting this done.
It will no doubt be messy in a day or two but enjoy the clean for the small while it exists.

Admin Days

Admin Days are days where you need to get life admin stuff done. This is where you organise your taxes, write emails or pay bills. You get one task done, start the next, and next, until you're finished. You have nothing else to do, you have no plans, no friends or family, until you're finished.
Admin days are difficult, and they need focus and dedication. But you prepare yourself for them, mentally and physically, and this is where you can have fun. Buy new post-it notes, new highlighters, get your drinks ready, prepare your background TV shows and you are wearing whatever you want.
Having an admin day prepares you for your future month. This is where you make plans for your budget, empty out your inbox, and keep ahead of your paperwork. Being able to do this in a calm environment, lessens the likelihood of mistakes and so do not rush through this day.
When you're done, you don't have to think about it for at least another month.

Errand Days

These days are the ones where you need to get your errands done. You will most likely be in your car for the entire time, and driving a lot, so prepare your gas tank for that (both car and yourself).
If you've cleaned out your closet, and you have clothes for charity. This is the day you do it. You need to go to the shops, you do it here. Gift purchasing, do it one month ahead of time. Staying ahead of the game is the best thing you can do.
And do treat yourself for it as well, take yourself out for lunch and take the time to be by yourself.

Calm Days

These days are the ones that you do self-care, in whichever form that is. You can do your rituals, you can just play music, watch movies. Or, you can lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling for an hour.
I find that these days are the ones that tend to happen when I have burned myself out enough for my brain to stop working. It usually restarts at 9pm and I'm left with strong energy until well past midnight, but they happen.
These are perhaps the worst days because you can't prepare for them, they hit you like a fly that thinks a window is an open door. So, the best thing that you can do is just let the wave ride out and get done what you can when you have the energy to do it.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned before, these days are all considerations of 'First Days'. You are working on something to prepare for the future month. Being able to split them up and recognise each day for what it is, is important.
But it is also important to take care of your own mental and spiritual health by knowing what days to pick. You can choose the first day of the month, or you can just choose a random thursday. You can follow the moon phases, or just whenever you have the time.
What is most important is that you take the pressure off 'The First'. Recognising that you have plenty of days, and plenty of time, to do this, gives you more chances to do it.

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