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Article: Candle Making: My trials and tribulations!

Candle Making: My trials and tribulations! - Wild Witchery Apothecary

Candle Making: My trials and tribulations!

As we wrap up 2023, I wanted to bring some interesting highlights about my journey into candle making. I promise it won't be boring but rather a very interesting insight in the craft. 

So as many of you are aware I actually come from a Beauty Therapy background, enjoying the art of skincare ingredients, cosmetic chemistry and the fun practical things like facials and waxing! However, I have always LOVED the idea of candle making, but I didn't want to just make something and sell it, I really wanted to test, re-test, create and re-create, study, cross-reference, read forums and reviews on everything, from wicks, jars, waxes, including horror stories, what worked for people and what didn't, in order to create candles that not only give my customers a wonderful scent journey along with an aesthetic vision but also a safe candle that they can use for their peace of mind and for mine. 

The APHRODITE collection was the first to be rolled out, then the Goddess Reveal Candles, which I do feel in the next batch will require a little extra fine tuning, but overall have created a unique and different experience for our customers. 

At the moment we are testing different scents, fragrances, waxes and wicks as we want our customers to understand that something as simple as the % of fragrance/essential oils can dramatically change the whole candle experience!

We love candles, we want more of them, and rest assured we will have more of them in the future! We can't wait to share with you new candle experiences! 

If you have any recommendations, thoughts and enquiries, we are always happy to hear them as our customers are why we do what we do! 

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